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SunQest offers a spa model for any application and budget.   Our Dimension One Spa line has three series; Home, Reflections and the most-impressive Bay.  We have a model to meet your needs and budget.

       Additionally we offer  ALPS and LA Spas plus reconditioned spas.  


Dimension One Spas (D1) is the leading manufacturer of award-winning hot tubs and swim spas and home to the world’s first curvilinear spa. D1 Spas is based in Carlsbad, CA and sold through a network of retailers in the United States and worldwide. With over 35 years of experience, the company’s three product lines and patented features offer a higher class of design, performance and value that meet a variety of consumer needs. In 2007, D1 was awarded the Silver Medal Shingo Prize, becoming the world’s first and only hot tub manufacturer to receive the distinguished award. D1’s hot tubs have also achieved the Spasearch Buyer Guide’s highest “Recommended” rating 

Since 1976, L.A. Spas has been the world’s industry-leading quality manufacturer of custom made hot tubs. With L.A. Spas' proprietary energy efficient Ultimate Water Management System, your hot tub will be crystal clear 365 days a year. L.A. Spas' ergonomically designed seats, jet performance, and immediate stress relief are just a few ways you’ll know you own the very best. Quality, reliability, and performance – reasons why L.A. Spas can provide you with ultimate Adventures in Hydrotherapy!


Today, backyards everywhere are being transformed into outdoor living areas, a true extension of the home. They reflect the architecture and design of the home and are becoming relaxing retreats reconnecting you with loved ones and nature.

SunQest-built spa. We start with the appropriate shell and build them to suite. You can get whatever type jets you'd like and about anywhere that you want them. Also, choose between the standard electric heater, a heat exchanger that heats the spa from a gas water heater, and/or, our solar heater.

All of our spas are custom ordered and built to last. From our steel frame construction to our environmentally safe acrylic backing you can rest easy knowing you bought a quality product. All spas are water tested for twelve hours to ensure that all components are working properly. With a lifetime warranty on the frame, acrylic shell and ABS bottom we stand behind our products and it shows.

Watertech is our Whirlpool bath manufacturer. Since 1985 Watertech has prided itself on customer satisfaction and the large number of repeat customers proves we're doing it right! Quality, Value & Service has made us one of the leading manufacturers of whirlpool tubs in the U.S. In fact, we're now global with sales in Ireland and Great Britain.


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