SunQest started business in 1988 manufacturing solar heating systems.  We've built many a high-performance solar water heater and home radiant floor heating system.  Time seems to have shifted to solar electric and SunQest to spas and fiberglass pools.  We've adapted but still promote solar.   Our light-weight solar thermal panel has proved durable and of high performance.  Our wax-based thermal storage system has reheated thousands of water heaters over the decades.  We still heat medium and low temperature loads much more efficiently then with solar electric, but they involve pipes and pumps.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Home Heating is easliy combined with household water heating.  Hot water coils in the duct system transfer the heat to the air.  Underfloor radiant fintubes warm the floor above providing the most comfortable and uniform heat possible.  Baseboard radiators and fan convectors offer safe and controlled heat in remote areas.  


Heat Exchanger Kits are available for most spas, hot tubes and swim-spas.  Keeping the associated electric heater off is maximized with solar assist.


SunQest's FRESOURCE Kits are configured for current loads with expansion.





Solar panels can be mounted in a variety of ways.  Flush-to-roof, Elevated, Ground-mounted or even serving as a roof.

Closed-loop Heating Systems


Certified in BPI's Home Efficiency Program.  We have and Infrared Camera that's very handy in finding hot and cold spots.  Our whole house Blower Door Test puts the whole house under a vacuum identifies leaking air paths.






Complete Solar Electric Power Systems complete with Grid-Tie switching

Simple "plug & play" components, leak-proof mounting system.




Our Ultrasonic welder produces high performance fintubes.  They're the heart of our high performance solar panels.  They also provide excellent heat exchange in our solar drain-back tanks.

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