SunQest has been providing home products and services for nearly 30 years.  Home Energy Consumption is an often overlooked area.  We help seal and insulate homes, improve HVAC efficiency and fix plumbing problems making significant reductions.

     SunQest offers solar power and solar heating systems to further reduce the home's energy consumption.  

     Beyond a tight, well insulated and conditioned home perhaps with solar assistance, SunQest offers backyard transformations.  

Fiberglass Pools, kits and turnkey projects. Wide range of shells offered.
Spas, Hot Tubs and . SwimSpas. Several lines offered plus reconditioned units.
Solar Power and Heating. Simple home solar water heaters to full off-grid designs.


SunQest, Inc. - Nearly 30 years of providing quality products and services for your home;  Pool, Spa, Sunrooms, HVAC,  Energy Efficiciency, Solar heating and power and Plumbing


SunQest, Inc. was founded in 1987, incorporated in 1988 and are getting close to celebrating our 30th anniversary.  We started with manufacturing quality high performance solar water heaters.  Our FRESOURCE line is award-winning and utilizes paraffin as a phase-change thermal storage media.  

Within a year we expanded into radiant floor heating (an excellent application of solar heat) and spas (hot tubs).  Pools, saunas, sunrooms and HVAC followed.

Currently, SunQest manufactures some of the highest performance solar panels in the industry and have remained active in the local pool and spa business.

SunQest Products

Home Leisure Products

SunQest has 25 years of experience in home improvements.  We provide the design and engineering details through to the finished installed product.

We turn backyards into Oasis' with fiberglass pools, waterfalls and decking.

We add spas for hot water therapy.  

Saunas & Steam Rooms add luxury and therapy,

Swim-Spas provide the ultimate exercise; warm water aquatics.

Solar heating options for all our products.  Tax credits often apply



SunQest will help you create the relaxation and exercise space of your dreams.

Solar Power and Heating Systems

There are two ways you can incorporate solar energy into your home or business; Heating and/or Power.  The large "Solar Farms" that have become more popular make power.  The panels are small and connect together with wires.  Heating panels are larger, connect with pipes and are more efficient for heating homes, pools, spas and the household water.

    SunQest manufactures our award-winning FRESOURCE solar heating systems and offer a full line of Solar Power for both off-grid and grid-tied applications.   A system for a home or business may incorporate both types of solar, one for heating the water and possibly the building, and solar power for reducing the overall utility bill.   Solar heating systems tend to be more efficient and lower cost than Solar Power systems.  

We offer custom-designed systems to heat:

  • Spas and tubs (spa heating can represent a significant portion of the monthly power bill).
  • Pools; in-ground as well as above-ground pools.  Solar heating systems are extremely efficient for these relatively low-temperature applications.
  • Tile and hardwood floors. This is another excellent application of solar heating.  We offer a variety of radiant floor heating kits. 
  • Forced air with hot water coils.  We pump solar heated water through a hot water coil before it enters the air handler.
  • Qualify for State and Federal Tax credits with our excellent SRCC Ratings


SunQest manufactures 2 lines of Solar Water Heating Panels.  Conventional Glass-Glazed and the Light-Weight FRESOURCE series.

  • Ultrasonic welded absorber plates help make our collectors some of the most durable and powerful in the industry
  • The FRESOURCE spring-loaded Tefzel glazing system provides massive weight reductions compared to conventional glass glazing.  Our 4' x 14' panel is one of the most powerful on the market yet light enough to be easily carried.

Radiant Floor Heat

SunQest offers a complete line of radiant floor heating systems and kits.  If you have a cold bathroom or kitchen floor, we have a complete do-it-yourself kit that connects to your water heater.  

  • PEX flexible tubing is easily looped under the floor, between the floor joists
  • Our roll-formed aluminum fins nest the tubing, hold the assembly firmly to the underside of the floor, and spread the radiant heat evenly
  • A low-voltage thermostat controls the small pump to circulate the hot water to heat the floors.
  • Kits complete with water heater connections and simple-to-follow instructions
  • Modern plumbing compression fittings eliminate soldering.  Basic household tools install most systems.
  • Solar water heater option provides free radiant floor heat


Radiant is just the distribution system. Hot water circulates through the tubes to heat the floor. SunQest offers all of the source options to generate the hot water:

  • Solar thermal
  • Gas water heaters
  • Heat Pump water heaters
  • Instantaneus water heaters

Repair and Technical Services

SunQest has been servicing pools,  spas, solar, and HVAC in the local community for decades.  

  • Pools: We service all makes and models of above and inground pools.
  • Spas and Hot Tubs:  We service all brands.  We also bring older troublesome spas into our shop for more complete refurbishment
  • Solar heating differential controllers and associated sensors
  • Solar power modules, inverters, power optimizers and mouting service
  • Steam shower units
  • Sauna heaters
  • Hydronic systems including radiant floor systems, baseboard radiator systems and chilled water systems
  • Geothermal heat pumps including closed ground loops, well-driven and "direct expansion" geothermal
  • Conventional heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces
  • Gas water heaters, appliances and furnaces

We have bench-test capabilities plus the required parts and materials. It doesn't matter if we built the product or if you purchased it elsewhere; if you can describe the problem, we can typically fix it.


Saunas & Steam

SunQest compliments our hot water therapy spas with home dry saunas and wet steam rooms.

Some like it dry, that's a sauna; very hot and very dry.  When you pour water on the lava rocks the humidity goes up a bit, but it's still super dry.

Finlandia Sauna has been manufacturing authentic Finnish Saunas since 1964.   When you compare the wood type, thickness and construction to the competitors the Finlandia advantages are clear.   Finlandia is located in the Finlandia Business Park in Portland, Oregon, the heart of the timber country, to provide the best quality and selection of softwoods.

We offer Finlandia Saunas in sereral configurations:

  • "Pre-cut" packages give you the interior but you frame the walls and roof with conventional lumber
  • "Pre-fab" packages have complete wall and roof components that fasten together with mechanical locks.
  • Outside, self contained saunas 
  • Electric heaters with lava rocks are common to all


Some like it dry, some like it wet.  Mr. Steam Showers provide the wet solution.  Most showers can be converted to a steam room.  It needs a ceiling and a sealed door to keep the steam in.

Mr Steam systems come with the steam generating appliance, the in-shower steam nozzle and the associated controls.  Options include outside control panels with time and temperature controls, multiple steam heads and steam head platings to match the shower fixtures.

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