Closed Loop Solar Water Heaters have few limitations with collector placement,  The collector loop is antifreeze-filled and are permanently charged.

Propylene Glycol and the new "Bio-Green" are common antifreeze materials.  

We have several options for exchanging the heat to the clean domestic hot water;

  • Heat exchangers in the storage tank eliminate a pump but make eventual tank replacement more expensive
  • Counterflow tube-in-shell heat exchangers are available for all applications
  • Flat-plate heat exchangers are a compact option
  • Our PhaseXchanger surround a counterflow fintube heat exchanger with phase-change material to reheat the water heater at night



THS provides quality flat plate heat exchangers to transfer the heat from the hot solar fluid to the clean water.




Drain-Back Systems protect against freeze damage by draining the collectors when they're not producing hot water.  The collector(s) has to be slightly tilted to allow drainage.  They also have to be higher than the drain-back tank.  Ground-mount collector configurations are sometimes not possible.

We offer closed loop Solar Water Heating Systems for all family sizes.  You can chose between our conventional glass-glazed solar panels or our FRESOURCE series of lightweight, high performance panels.

A typical Closed-Loop Solar Water Heating System consists of:

  • Solar panel; sized for family load
  • Heat Exchanger to exchange the heat between the hot solar panel antifreeze and the clean potable water
  • Collector pump
  • Clean water pump
  • Solar controller to automatically control the pumps
  • Antifreeze
  • Fluid expansion tank and safety relief valve
  • Solar panel and tank connections; if you don't solder we have simple "Shark-bite" connections available
  • Charge valving for adding the antifreeze.

Note: although piping, pipe insulation, and often an additional "Solar Preheat Tank" are required, they are available from local pumping, Lowes or Home Depot stores to save freight costs.




Systems can be enlarged to accomodate home heating as well as heating the domestic hot water.  Our FRESOURCE series of lightweight collectors can be made up to 4' x 14' with very impressive SRCC Performance Specifications.

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