SunQest offers a complete array of high performance solar water heating systems. Our glass-glazed solar panels are similar to many of leading panels; glass covers, aluminum frames, sturdy but heavy. Our FRESOURCE systems are in a league of their own; extremely powerful yet light and durable.

Our Glass-Glazed Solar Panels:

  • Tempered glass glazing
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Copper absorber plate
  • Ultrasonically-welded fintubes
  • Black Chrome highly selective absorber coating
  • Isocyanurate Insulation



SunQest's award-winning FRESOURCE solar systems offer performance at affordable pricing. We have a configuration for any family size and provide the household hot water with optional spa, pool and even radiant floor heating.

FRESOURCE solar collectors utilize ultrasonically-welded copper absorber plates, extruded aluminum frames and either our spring-loaded Tefzel glazing system or conventional low-iron glass glazing. Tefzel is a lightweight DuPont engineerd plastic that is tough, UV tolerant, and can stand up to the forces of nature for at least 15 years. The cover can be replaced by the average handyman in less than an hour and costs under $100.

Tefzel-glazed FRESOURCE collectors can be made to any practical rectangular size. Better yet, a 4' x 14' collector weighs less than 90 pounds and can easily be lifted to the roof by one man.

We also carry a full line of Solar Development Inc (SDI) solar panels; some of the highest performing units in the industry.


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