Solar Panel Performance




We offer collectors with both glass glazing and a higher-performance, dynamically-tensioned Tefzel glazing.  Tefzel is a DuPont-Engineered Plastic.

Our collectors have been in the field for 25 years with proven performance and durability.  The Tefzel offers a significant improvement in:

  • low-loss glazing
  • weight reduction; our FRESOURCE collectors are significally lighter than the glass counterpart

Tefzel-glazed FRESOURCE collectors can be made to any practical rectangular size. Better yet, a 4' x 14' collector weighs less than 90 pounds and can easily be lifted to the roof by one man.




Ultrasonically-welded Copper Fintubes



All FRESOURCE solar collectors, glass & Tefzel-glazed, utilize ultrasonically-welded copper absorber plates, extruded aluminum frames and closed cell foam insulation.  With other things being equal, the Tefzel-glazed collectors can have higher outputs than the higher-loss glass alternatives.

Solar Heating

The family living in this house enjoys hot water heated by the sun with a solar thermal system.

Solar heating harnesses the power of the sun to provide solar thermal energy for solar hot water, solar space heating, and solar pool heaters. A solar heating system saves energy, reduces utility costs, and produces clean energy.

The efficiency and reliability of solar heating systems have increased dramatically, making them attractive options in the home or business.
But there is still room for improvement. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its partners are working to design even more cost-effective solar heating systems and to improve the durability of materials used in those systems. This research is helping make these systems more accessible to the average consumer and helping individuals reduce their utility bills and the nation reduce its consumption of fossil fuels.

To help more Americans benefit from these systems, the U.S. Energy Policy Act implemented a 30% tax credit for consumers who install solar water heating systems. To be eligible for this tax credit, the systems must be certified by the Department of Energy's non-profit partner, the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC). In addition many states have state tax incentive credits. For instance North Carolina currently offers a 35% tax credit.

U.S. Department of Energy Renewable Resources Solar Heating

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